Foxy Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier

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Foxy Aroma Diffuser is a new home appliance, which is safe, effective & easy to clean. The most important is, it can vaporizer fragrance according to the essential oils you add, having the effect of removing the dust & peculiar odor.  

You can put it on when you go to sleep - it shuts off automatically when water is evaporated. Perfect for dry places or when the heat up in the winter. 

You can't hear the diffuser operating. The clear part twists off the bottom and there is a measured line for the water limit. The light is optional can be turned off while still providing mist.


Running Time: max 4.5 hrs

Dimension: 98mm x 98mm x 120mm/ 3.8" x 3.8" x 4.7"

Water Capacity: 95ml / 3.2 oz

Material: ABS+PP+ Electronic Components


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