Foxy Reflective HipHop Jacket

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Show your unique style with this reflective hip-hop themed jacket. Enhance your visibility with our windbreaker jacket specifically designed for you. 

With this jacket, you can style and have a safe run or cycle as this jacket is completely reflective. This outstanding windproof and water resistance yet amazingly breathable jacket is a good piece of kit for tackling all weather conditions. 

  • Windbreaker – Great for windy or chilly morning
  • Thermal Softshell – Ideal for Cold Weather Layering
  • High Visibility Jacket – Best for commuting and night wear
  • Protects against moisture in the coldest temperatures

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 Sizing Chart - Asian Sizes Shown - Please Ensure You Select The Correct Size For You!








 42cm/ 16.5"

98cm/ 38.5"

59cm/ 23.2"

61cm/ 24"



43cm/ 16.9"

102cm/ 40.1"

60cm/ 23.6"

63cm/ 24.8" 


44cm/ 17.3"

106cm/ 41.7" 

61cm/ 24"

65cm/ 25.5"



45cm/ 17.7" 

110cm/ 43.3"

62cm/ 24.4"

67cm/ 26.3"



46cm/ 18.1" 

114cm/ 44.8" 

63cm/ 25.1"

69cm/ 27.1"



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